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5 Simple + Proven Shifts to Scaling Your Business


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Learn how to engage your power strengths, so you can run your business like a CEO -- with vision, goals and RESULTS.

The #1 way to harness your power to SCALE your business 

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A serial entrepreneur since her early 20’s, Lisa has created, owned, and managed a variety of businesses. Her experience spans a wide array of industries from military charter travel to wholesale mortgage banking. 

She knows what it takes to conceive, create, build, grow — and even sell a profitable business. And, she even knows what it’s like to shutdown an unprofitable one. Lisa has also served as a leader for several nonprofit organizations.

A business coach, she serves as Chief Inspiration Officer for Zuba Academy. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and CEOs build a better business so that they can enjoy a better life.

Meet the speaker: Lisa Zuba

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